Ever since I was a child, worship has been the way that I experience the world. Everything that I see, touch, taste, smell, or hear ultimately connects me to the Creator and to all that the Creator has made. It draws us all together in a divine dance of overflowing, self-giving love.

This theological framework is ultimately the driving force behind Provoke Wonder. The projects that we produce here are not going to be so concerned with clearly spelling out every theological conclusion that we believe you must hold to. Our projects, instead, are going to encourage you, wherever you’ve been or wherever you’re at, to explore the universe outside and inside yourself with child-like wonder to see and connect with those around you and with a deeper rootedness in the uniting of all things that we believe is the overflow of God.

If you are more interested in taking a deeper dive into the specific ways that we connect with God and others, then you can check out our worship blog at Worship Overflow. That site contains a much more detailed journey of articles and liturgies that inform the projects that we make with Provoke Wonder.