William Paul Young once said, “Perhaps one of the reasons we as adults enjoy attending animated movies with our children is that they remind us of who we are.”

Deep inside each of us is an inner child that is filled with wonder and wounds that subconsciously drive everything that we think, feel, and do. The dreams that were born in us as children remain in us today. But so often, they become buried beyond recognition in the soil of our wounds.

This summer, we will be releasing our first children’s book entitled “What If?” It’s a story of how we all see our world through lenses. In the future, we will be releasing other stories that explore how our lenses that we see our world through are made up of our wonders and wounds.

Our desire is for these books to appeal to both children and adults. In some sense, they are adult books in children’s book clothing. We hope that these books will awaken the child within to foster a spirit of worship once again through the embracing of wonder and the healing of wounds.